Public Notices



For the past several decades, Liberty County has worked with solid waste vendors to collect garbage from residential containers and commercial dumpsters. In pursuing a more fair and equitable process for all residents and a more efficient means of utilizing taxpayer dollars, the Board of County Commissioners recently renewed an exclusive franchise granted to Waste Pro and updated the Solid Waste Franchise Collection Agreement.


This new agreement removes the County’s role for billing and managing customer accounts for garbage service, and authorizes Waste Pro to take over this responsibility. After much research and exploring different options for garbage service, the Board did not wish to pursue or implement a Special Assessment for garbage service that would go on property owner’s tax bill. Therefore, in order to provide access and the lowest possible cost to citizens for garbage collection, effective January 1, 2023 Waste Pro will provide direct billing and customer service for garbage accounts. The month of December will be the last month customers will pay Liberty County for garbage service.


Sometime in the next several weeks, you will receive a letter from Waste Pro introducing themselves and requesting your verification as a new customer for residential or commercial establishments. Please provide your information to Waste Pro promptly so you do not lose garbage service for your container or dumpster.


Waste Pro’s billing cycle is on a quarterly basis for containers and monthly for dumpsters. The bill you will receive in December from Waste Pro for containers will be a payment for services for January, February, and March. For dumpsters the bill you will receive in December will be payment for services in January.


Waste Pro’s Rates Effective January 1, 2023


  • $64.59 per quarter ($21.53 per month)


  • Two Cubic Yards – $68.81 per month
  • Four Cubic Yards – $131.18 per month
  • Six Cubic Yards – $180.45 per month
  • Eight Cubic Yards – $236.59 per month


Back in 2001, the Board of County Commissioners enacted a mandatory garbage collection ordinance requiring residential and commercial property owners to enroll in garbage collection services from its established vendor. The intent was to prohibit the dumping of litter and the unauthorized disposal of solid waste, as well as providing a benefit to citizens, visitors, and property. This ordinance has been updated to provide enforcement and penalties for noncompliance. The owners of all residential and commercial properties will be responsible for the service and payment of service for garbage collection with the county’s designated vendor.


Here are a few other things for you to know.

  • Liberty County will share your account information with Waste Pro for addresses and phone numbers only. Your banking or financial information will not be shared.
  • For any customers that have signed up for automatic bank draft, the month of December will be the last month for withdrawals. Any balances owed to the customer will be refunded to the account holder in the form of a check. Checks will be mailed to the account holder’s address on file.
  • The Board of County Commissioners and Clerks Office is committed to assisting customers as well as Waste Pro through this transition in the months and years ahead.


For any questions, please contact the Clerk’s Office at (850) 643-2215 option 6.