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Welcome to Liberty County Florida


Fair Housing Information

Fair Housing Coordinator/Local Contact: Teresa Stossel
Phone: (850) 643-3247

Here, residents can swim in the lakes and rivers that border our county or cast a fishing line.

Families can hike or bike the Florida trail to wind down and disconnect.

In Liberty County, creeks that carried the canoes of Indians curl quietly through untouched woodlands.

Our school children race around the globe on web-wired computers and when the bell rings, they race their bicycles home through quiet neighborhoods.

Liberty County is a fascinating portrait of the old South and the new, of comforting tradition and of well-planned progress.

Our visionary leaders preserved what is best about our community, while carefully managing incredible growth and preparing for this new century with futuristic schools, technology and infrastructures.

Welcome to Liberty County!

Liberty County’s Courthouse is located at 10818 NW SR 20, Bristol FL. It currently houses the offices of Tax Collector, Property Appraiser, Supervisor of Elections, Grants Department, County Judge and Clerk of Court.

The Sheriff’s office and County Jail are located on the east side of the Courthouse while the ambulance service is located adjacent to the west side of the courthouse.

The main portion of the Courthouse was built in 1942 with the west end addition built in 1971. The new wing that houses the Clerk of Court’s office was built in 2000. The courtroom located on the second floor underwent extensive renovations in 2009.